Uticon 2022 Guests

Join us for Uticon – October 2, 2022 at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica!


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R2-D2 and the 501st Legion

The galaxy’s favorite Astromech droid beeps, boops, and whirrs with fans.

Ample photo opportunities with Artoo as he glides throughout Uticon as only he can.

Artoo and numerous other characters from the Star Wars Universe will be seen throughout Uticon courtesy of the 501st Legion Garrison Excelsior, a professional costuming group serving Western and Upstate New York that takes great joy out of constructing movie accurate costumes from the Star Wars Universe.


Eisner Award-Winning Marcus Kwame Anderson is a Capital Region-based illustrator and teacher who has been creating art since he was able to lift a crayon.

He is the co-creator of the ongoing comic series Snow Daze and creator of EastRaven Adventures. He has also illustrated stories for Action Lab’s all-ages detective series, Cash and Carrie.

Recently, Marcus illustrated the graphic novel, The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History written by David F. Walker and published by Ten Speed Press.


Larry Hama is a writer/artist/editor/actor who has is best  known as the writer of Marvel’s “GI Joe” and“Wolverine” comics in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

He has also written, edited or drawn for Avengers, Conan, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Spider-Man, and dozens more.  His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in National Lampoon, Esquire, New York and Rolling Stone. His most recent novel is “The Death of Captain America.” Recently scripted BATMAN SHADOW OF THE BAT, and WONDER WOMAN for DC Comics’ Convergence Event. 

Currently writing GI Joe ARAH for IDW, X-MEN LEGENDS, and IRON FIST /Heart of the Dragon for Marvel, and the Spy Hunter/Paper Boy for DC.  He  has also recently done layouts for Deathstroke, Damage, and Michael Cray @ DC.


Illustrator and co-creator of the hit comic book series White Ash from Scout Comic, Conor lives with his wife in Hopewell, NJ.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts he was part of a team of graphic designers at the United Nations. Setting out on his own he has since pursued freelance comic and illustration work. 

Winner of the Mark Millar new talent showcase for rising stars in the comic industry, Hughes has been published by several companies, including Image Comics. 

You can find more of Conor’s amazing comic work HERE.


DC Comics’ legendary “Answer Man” returns to Uticon!

Bob Rozakis’ work in comics began in 1974 with The Amazing World of DC Comics and quickly became known DC’s Answer Man, answering trivia questions from readers in the Daily Planet promotional page in many late-1970s comics.

His credits during his 25-year career with DC total “almost four hundred stories” featuring most DC characters, “plus dozens of features, puzzles, and activities pages”.

He has been a writer, editor, assistant editor, and head of DC’s Production Department, where Rozakis helped revolutionize the way comics were printed and embraced growing computer technology.

In 1973, he and his wife drove the DC Comicmobile, a van which drove around and sold comics much like an ice cream truck.

Among the plethora of DC Comics his pen has graced are Action Comics, Batman Family, The Flash, Detective Comics, Superman, and Teen Titans, creating characters that include the Calculator, Bumblebee, The Joker’s Daughter, and ‘Mazing Man.

Rozakis has also co-authored The Complete Idiots Guide to Office Politics with his wife, Dr. Laurie E. Rozakis.


Christian N. St. Pierre is an artist who specializes in tabletop game and comic book illustration.

He has worked with companies such as Topps, Atlas Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Hero Games, and Mongoose Publishing. He has also worked extensively with Evil Hat Productions contributing art for their Dresden Files RPG and their Spirit of the Century RPG line including Race To Adventure, Zeppelin Attack!, and covers for their game-related novels.

In addition, he has been involved with charitable projects, private commissions, and independent comic books as well as lectures and art classes. For artwork, news, and contact information please visit www.christiannstpierre.com


Jim is a cartoonist, illustrator and teaching artist from Syracuse, NY.

His cartoons and commentary inspired by world issues, popular culture and random silly thoughts can be found at Artboy Designs.


Andrew is the co-creator and artist of the Darby Pop Publishing all-ages graphic novel series Lacey & Lily about the adventures of a middle schooler and her dog turned superheroes,

The year 2022 sees the release of his latest creation – The Indestructible Dink Boy – leaping onto Webtoon for audiences everywhere.

His work includes illustration for The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute with Todd Dezago, art for Patrick McCuen’s The Devil and Mr Gandhi with Ink Puddle Press, character designs and illustration work for Dark Tree Films, and  co-creating and illustrating the comedy series Holidaze for Dandy Press,

Andrew’s artwork has also graced many a print and poster, including for the Albany All-Stars Roller Derby and the Syracuse Crunch hockey, along with numerous private commission pieces.


Maegan Cook is a southern transplant in the NY Finger Lakes area.

She’s always loved drawing, and is now a published artist and author.

You can find titles she’s worked on, like A Plus B, MonsterCarnival, and Secret Gold on Amazon.


Keith Dallas is an Eisner Award-nominated writer who has written and edited numerous comic book history books for TwoMorrows Publishing, including The Flash Companion, Comic Book Implosion, and the American Comic Book Chronicles series.

He has also worked for IDW (Ghostbusters) and Dynamite Entertainment (Stan Lee’s How To books) as well as co-created several comic book series, like Omega Chase (Th3rd World Studios) and The Argonauts (Timeless Journey Comics).

He is currently promoting the first issue of his creator-owned comic book anthology, Riptide Sanitarium.


Nicholas T. Davis was born in 1962 in Sodus,NY and has lived most of his life in Syracuse, NY. He graduated from Bryant and Stratton College in 2001 and received an associate degree in Paralegal studies. He worked in a psychiatric hospital for 26 years as a cleaner, and has a wife and daughter.

His science fiction series consists of Dimension Lapse, Dimension Lapse II: Return to Doomsday, Dimension Lapse III: Dimensional Breakdown, and Journey to Aldron, the first book of the Aldron series. He also has three children’s books entitled Tobias Meets A Friend, Wacky Wild Tales I and II, and a fantasy book entitled Bargo Lynden: Adventure of A Lifetime.

His latest title – The Power of the Dark Lord – is the third part of his Bargo Lynden trilogy.


Dave Dellecese is a writer and author of children’s books, graphic novels, comics, and more.

He is the co-creator and writer of the all-ages graphic novel series Lacey & Lily from Darby Pop Publishing, co-creator and writer of the adult comedy series Holidaze, has written prose for AHOY Comics, is the author of the children’s picture book The Little Lamp as well as the WWII Christmas tale, Frank the Barber.

A former journalist and news anchor, he has lent his voice to The Brass Lantern old time radio adventure podcast playing former reporter-turned private investigator, Wam Dixon, and has voiced characters in the video game Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries.

Follow on Dave on Twitter & Facebook or at davedellecese.com


Ulises Fariñas is a Cuban American comic book writer and artist known for his highly detailed drawings. He is the artist of Where’s the Wookie? 1 & 2. He is the co-creator (along with writer Erick Freitas) of GAMMA, Motro, Amazing Forest and Cloudia & Rex.

He has worked as an artist on Catalyst Comix, and Transformers: Heart of Darkness. IDW Comics hired Fariñas for art duties on Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two in 2014. He followed up that series in 2016 with Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero, which he wrote with Freitas. In 2016, Fariñas and Storme Smith launched Buño, a publishing imprint at Magnetic Press, aiming to provide an outlet to promote creative freedom in storytelling and a diversity of storytellers. Cloudia & Rex, written by Farinas and Freitas with art by Puerto Rican artist, Daniel Irizarri, was recently published by Lion Forge.

He illustrated New Lieutenants of Metal issues 1 through 4 for writer Joe Casey for Image as well as the second issue of the new GAMMA for Dark Horse.


Matt is the main artist on an upcoming indie comic and has provided variant covers for comic books such as Quintara Stone, Advent Dark, Icepick, Deprived, and illustrated covers for novels such as Bulletproof and Ruins of the Galaxy.

Growing up around comics, video games, anime, whatever he had access to in a limited area, much of Matt Flint’s art influence and comic book knowledge came from issues of Wizard magazine’s monthly subscription along with a large dose of anime as it was becoming more popular in the U.S.

In 2020, he joined an artist anthology called Robot Dream and contributed his first piece of published sequential art called “The Loop,” which began his current run of working in comics.


Brian R. LaBelle is an illustrator and graphic designer.

With a four-year degree in Computer Art from SUNY Oneonta, he focuses mostly in comic book and realism artwork.

Brian is working on his own noir detective comic, The Swine Detective.


Kyle Lince’s first novel Magyra, has been called “a sophisticated blend of science fiction, precise character development, and masterful plot construction.”

His other works include the novel The Prodigal Outlaw, as well as Jack Zero and the Missing Man.

Also an Associate Professor of Web Development and Information Design in Upstate New York, he fills his time reading, writing, and hanging out with his kids. He enjoys genre entertainment, reads comic books, and loves watching cartoons.


Raymond Lowell is an illustrator and purveyor of monsters, creeps, tentacles and the occasional spandexed hero.

He has illustrated, lettered and self-published the mini-comics, Moochie the Dumpster Kat and Enter the Shopping Kart Man with writer Peggy LeGee and is currently illustrating a new comic called Monsuto Island with writer Jim Whiting.

He has also contributed art to Gore Shriek from FantaCo, the artbook DarkARTs and the card game Destroy These Cards.


Author of numerous books that include A Night in the Garden, Ethel’s Bane, The Veil Lifted, and the Avenzyre series, GB was born in a small town in Vermont, and grew up in the country and attending a rural school. She started telling stories from a young age, writing her first short story in second grade. She started writing her first novel in tenth grade which appeared in a regional magazine.

Her stories are often been of the fantasy genre, because who doesn’t want to let their imagination travel as far as it can? But they’ve also been about real life: betrayal, suspicion, joy, war, triumph, self doubt, intrigue, all that good stuff. …And unicorns and dragons!


Len Mihalovich is the founder of Lenovations Press.  Len is a writer, colorist, letterer and… whatever else he needs to be to get an Indie Comics out these days.  In his “spare time” Len also was the retro-TV show reviewer for the Bob Katzen show on WMEX

Len has worked for various Independent Comic publishers creating super-hero adventures.  A few years back Len has founded Lenovations Press to create his own Indie Comic titles.  The first title was “The Adventures of Track Suit Man”, a comedy based on real social media events.  Next, the hit 90s comics series Section 12 has been re-released by Lenovations press across 3 titles.  Section 12 (Flashback), Section 12 (Declassified), Section 12 (Lost Adventures).  Most recently Lenovations Press is branching out into westerns and golden age characters with their new Edge of Adventure line.  Be sure to visit www.lenovationspress.com for more info and to read some of these great titles for free.


Phil Miller is a talent local to the Utica area.  As a commercial illustrator has too many credits to list here.  His artwork adorns everything from toy packaging to investment portfolios.  His past comic credits include: Section 12 from Mythic Comics, Adventures of Track Suit Man from Lenovations Press, 401Comics, Johnny Lightning Comics, and an educational series from Graphics Library found on Amazon.

Phil is one of the driving forces behind the fantastic artwork you see in the comics from Lenovations Press.  Look for his work in Section 12 (Flashback) and Section 12 (Lost Adventures).  

At Uticon 2022 Lenovations Press will be releasing Section 12 (Declassified) #4 for the first time EVER, with the opportunity to get your copy signed by artist Phil Miller.


Melody Often is an artist, writer, and organizer known for her ongoing adventure comic, Trinadot, as well as her Xeric winning comic, In the Hands of Boys, which was written by her mother. She has explored the medium of comics by organizing two issues of the Baltimore Time Travel Anthology and as an illustrator she has participated in a variety of other projects and anthologies, most notably, Amazing Forest, 1001 Knights, and Corpus.

Her work as a colorist has been for IDW, Image, Stela, and Dark Horse and she is currently working on a comic for Line Webtoon called Mermaids of the Devonian. Her illustrations, paintings, and murals grace the walls, sidewalks, and bookshelves of many humans both here and abroad.  


Inspired at the age of eleven by the artwork of JOE SINNOTT in TREASURE CHEST and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, Joe Orsak launched a comic strip in the newspapers of Syracuse, NY in 1982 called THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN ‘CUSE. The strip ran weekly for eight years. 

Joe turned to sports comics in the 1990s, working on bios of MICKEY MANTLE, BROOKS ROBINSON  and DUKE SNIDER for MAGNUM COMICS.  These books gave Joe the chance to work with his inspiration… Orsak’s pencils were inked by Joe Sinnott!

In 2001 Orsak was picked by his friend ROGER STERN to pencil and ink a two-page tale for the 9-11 tribute book 9-11ARTISTS RESPOND for DARK HORSE. In 2008 he returned to comic strips with SALT CITY, another strip about his hometown, this time with a female superheroine, written by Douglas Brode. The comic strip drew the attention of people at MCFARLAND and Co., who asked Joe and Doug to launch their line of graphic novels. Joe and Doug created YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS the Myth of Emily Morgan and VIRGIN VAMPIRES for MCFARLAND Inc.

Joe is now working with AHOY Comics, including the recent series MY BAD, as well as several spot illustrations. He is involved with new comic book projects for STELLAR COMICS.

More of Joe Orsak’s artwork can be found at his website


Daniel Sopp is a writer from upstate New York.

He is the author of The Eon Chronicles, an epic saga following the story of a heroine with incredible abilities, blending elements of science fiction and fantasy.

His current work, The Vapor Files, is an ongoing action/adventure novel series that takes place in the lawless jungle of the great Amazon.


The artwork of Brandon Whipple, also known as Flork McCormick, ranges from classic movie monsters to modern day super heroes and timeless science fiction icons.

Much of his work can be found on his Facebook page and Official Website.


Jen Wojtowicz has been making art and telling stories since she was old enough to hold a crayon.

Her latest comic book is “What Was THAT?” a lighthearted spooky tale for all ages!

You can find more of Jen’s work at:


Edward Yancey is an illustrator and graphic designer who has brought numerous beloved and well-known comic book icons to life in a myriad of full-color prints.

He is also the writer and artist of the comic book “A Waste of Life: The Spencer Miller Cases” as well as the horror anthology, “Tales from the Sketch Club” and has also illustrated one of several tales in the Holidaze: All-Krampus Spectacular for Dandy Press.

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