While Uticon does not have specific cosplay programming or scheduled activities, we do support attendees who would like to dress as their favorite character when attending the show. There are a few simple guidelines to follow in that regard:

First, cosplayers are not allowed to bring any actual weapons to the show. Any guns must have bright orange tips to indicate they are obviously fake and not working. Any other axes, swords or other weapons must be clearly fake. You cannot bring actual arrows or any other projectiles into the show and none can be fired from any weapon brought to the show – this includes Nerf projectiles. 

Second, Uticon is a family-friendly event with many children attending. All costumes must be in good taste and acceptable for a ‘PG’-rated audience. Anyone wearing a costume that is thought to be adult in nature or inappropriate for the show will be asked to change or leave. 

Third, large, bulky costumes that impede people’s access to the show or make walking through the convention aisles difficult are discouraged and, if a problem arises, will be asked to be removed. 

Note there are no set changing areas at the show. Bathrooms are available but do not have large changing space. We are responsible for leaving this facility in the way we found it – free of paint, marks and damage of any kind. If you have been found to have caused damage, you will be responsible for any repairs. 

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